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Chris & Denise Mink


Chris and Denise Mink are locals. They’ve built businesses here, raised a family, and their daughter is a proud graduate of Coweta High School. They are eternally grateful of all their community has given them and they are thrilled to give back to this wonderful community back with Med Pharm OK.

Chris and Denise felt a need to serve others, and saw the opportunity cannabis could provide. Med Pharm is truly a family business as they see every team member as family — The Pharm Pham.

In addition to helping others get more out of life through the healing, wellbeing and hope of medicinal cannabis they all share a common cause — “Cannabis with a Cause.” That’s why they started the non-profit organization OK Pet Collective Society and donate 30% of all Med Pharm proceeds to help build no-kill animal shelters. There is a special place in their hearts for our furry friends, our wonderful community and the entire Med Pharm Pham.

Chris & Denise Mink

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