Our Story

Med Pharm OK Founders.

For more than 20 years, the Broken Arrow and Coweta communities have been more than where we live. They’re where we’ve made our lives. We’ve built businesses, raised a family, and our daughter is a proud graduate of Coweta High School. These communities have given us so much. Now, we’re giving back with Med Pharm OK.

Med Pharm OK was one of the first dispensaries in Oklahoma because we felt a need to serve others, and saw the opportunity cannabis could provide. We are a family owned and operated business, with five family members on the team. But we see every team member as family, even if we don’t share a last name.

What all of us share at Med Pharm OK is a common cause — “Cannabis with a Cause.” We help people in every stage of life get more out of life through the healing, wellbeing and hope of medicinal cannabis. On behalf of our entire family, we would be honored to help you.

Christopher and Denise Mink
A portrait of Med Pharm OK owners Christopher and Denise Mink.

Fresh, local cannabis. Compassionate personal care.

We’re one of Oklahoma’s first cannabis dispensaries, and one of Oklahoma’s favorites. Customers appreciate our 100% fresh, local ingredients, competitive prices, customer service, and commitment to animal welfare. There are many cannabis dispensaries. Come experience the difference of “Cannabis with a Cause.”

Med Pharm’s resident fury friend

Our mission.

Guided by the conviction and vision of our founders, we strive to be the best dispensary in the Tulsa area. But we are also “Cannabis with a Cause.” We donate 30% of all proceeds to help build no-kill animal shelters. Our work not only brings hope and healing to our community; it gives us the means to help animals in need. If you support our mission, choosing us is a win-win.

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