Cannabis With A Cause: Discover Med Pharm
May 4, 2022

Cannabis With A Cause: Discover Med Pharm

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As the world went through traumatic events during the pandemic, many people turned to pets for comfort, nature for healing, and others turned to edibles for relief. 

As the world got more chaotic, the need for edibles increased as people started feeling immense stress, anxiety, and discomfort. That's where places like the cannabis dispensary, Med Pharm came to the rescue. 

Their mission is not just to provide people with access to natural medicinal cannabis, but they strive to support animals in need too!

Plus, their welcoming kitchen offers a selection of homebaked goods and warm drinks that are infused with cannabis. 

Keep reading to find out more about the creativity that can go into edibles!

The Story of Med Pharm

Behind every great business there's an even better story, right? Well, Med Pharm is no different. 

Med Pharm is a dispensary in Oklahoma. The business is run by a family devoted to improving the lives of people in their community. 

They also donate 30% of their proceeds to construct no-kill animal shelters in the hope to save innocent animals and find them safe, happy homes. Their aim is not just to run a business, it's to make a difference.

The Med Pharm message is simple: Cannabis With a Cause.

And, they truly mean it. By reinventing the stereotype of medical marijuana with delicious home baking, they're paving the way to a new future where more people can feel confident and welcomed in dispensaries. 

So, how do they produce their fresh edibles? 

Home Is Where The Kitchen Is

Sarah and Lacie run the cannabis kitchen at Med Pharm. Their food is made with love and expert experience.

When you decide to take edibles you need to be aware of dosages, strains, and the unique qualities of the cannabis being used. Thankfully, Chef Sarah is a certified nurse and herbalist who can provide guidance on choosing your treat. 

Lacie, the other half of The Kitchen team is trained and qualified in biology. She’s also great at creating unique and delicious recipes with her knowledge of blending flavors.

No matter if you're experienced with edibles or you want to try something new, the staff at The Kitchen at Med Pharm is ready to help you with whatever you need. 

You might be wondering, exactly what is available at the Med Pharm kitchen? 

The Kitchen offers everything from cookies, cheesecake, and chocolates to coffee, tea, and smoothies...

Going to Med Pharm is a great way to consume medical marijuana safely and enjoyably. 

However, if you're still apprehensive about edibles, you might be interested in knowing more about their benefits. 

Benefits of Edibles 

In contrast to the mainstream view that cannabis is only about getting completed "stoned", eating edibles offers you a more manageable and enjoyable experience of consuming cannabis.


Depending on the strain, you might even find that one cookie helps you fall asleep at night, or tea is ideal for moments when you feel overwhelmed.

And, they also offer amazing health benefits

Did you know that cannabis is high in Vitamin K and C, iron, calcium, and folate? In addition to this, it’s also high in fiber. All of these elements make it a great choice for your overall well-being.

Alternative to Smoking

Another reason why people might avoid cannabis is that they don't want to smoke it, or they have other health complications that stop them from smoking. 

Luckily, edibles are a good alternatives to smoking and are an effective option in consuming THC. Eating cannabis infused goods provides longer effects at a more gradual pace.

As well as being better for your body than smoking, edibles allow you to feel the effects at a slower rate of 30 minutes to 2 hours. In contrast, the effects of smoking can peak just seconds after inhaling

If you're someone who doesn't want to feel out of control, but would love the effects of marijuana then edibles that are dosed might be for you!

Pain Relief

The most obvious benefit of edibles is pain relief. Medical marijuana can help with nausea, pain, the side effects of cancer treatment. Therefore, there are many reasons why someone might show up at Med Pharm for a product.

But, the effect is the same for everyone. They want relief, comfort, and naturally sourced marijuana. 

Med Pharm uses 100% fresh, local ingredients so you can be sure that you are getting the very best product. When you go to the dispensary you will be able to browse the products and pick something you like. 

During the process, you can ask the team any questions or worries you have and they will be ready to answer them.

There are a lot of misconceptions about marijuana and Med Pharm is devoted to sharing the positive effects of this substance through their passion for food. 

Just as food is meant to bring people together, share, and connect this dispensary is there to do the same. You can also get involved with their Oklahoma Pet Collective Society if you're interested in helping animals. 

Why not grab a cookie and discuss pets the next time you stop by Med Pharm? It might be a great new experience!

Edibles From the Heart

If you're looking for a cozy, friendly place to buy your next edible, or you’re interested in trying something new, then Med Pharm is waiting for you.

It's rare to find a business that genuinely has its heart in the right place and that puts that care into the products they make. All you need to do is look at their website to see!

Take a moment to reach out to Med Pharm today to find out more about their kitchen and how their products can benefit your life. You won't regret it!