5 Exciting Things to Know About CBD Treats for Dogs
Apr 18, 2022

5 Exciting Things to Know About CBD Treats for Dogs

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A recent study found that 56 percent of pet owners are using CBD products for their canine companions. CBD has grown in popularity in recent years, with sources citing that it can help decrease pain, reduce anxiety and stress, as well as other benefits. While CBD has been used primarily for humans, pet owners are seeing the positive effects it has on their furry friends and are eagerly researching it.  

So if you want to know a few wellness benefits to CBD for dogs, don’t worry; with this guide, you can find out! From soothing itchy skin to increasing physical mobility, you can learn all about CBD treats for dogs. 

Here’s an in-depth look at CBD dog snacks: 

1. CBD May Decrease Pain in Pets

Dogs like humans have chronic illnesses like cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, even IBD. These chronic illnesses can cause pets to be in moderate to severe pain almost on a daily basis, if not every day. 

If you want to help your furry friend, give him or her a CBD treat. It can help soothe the pain and feelings of nausea. That way, your pet isn’t in pain twenty-four-seven. Although you should keep in mind that CBD does not work the same for everyone, human or canine.

You may notice that your dog isn’t resting all the time and is instead up for walks or a little playtime. CBD treats may help your dog live an enjoyable life, even with chronic illness. 

2. CBD to Soothe Itchy Or Irritated Skin  

Dogs who have skin conditions tend to pick at their fur, which can result in them scratching themselves to the point of bleeding, as well as biting their fur until a patch is gone or raw. These behaviors can be triggered because their skin is dry, itchy, or possibly irritated by allergies or an infection. 

As a dog owner, you never want to see your dog hurt themselves. However, it’s simply their way of removing what is hurting from their body. To get your dog to stop, try offering your pet CBD dog snacks. 

CBD may ease inflammation and itchy skin enough that your furry friend will stop scratching at their skin and hurting themselves while increasing their quality of life. 

3. CBD Can Help Calm Anxiety in Dogs

Noise aversion is hard for many pups; after all, a dog’s hearing is exceptional. In fact, while humans can only hear around 20,000 hertz, dogs can hear over 60,000 hertz. This ability helps them hunt prey in the wild; however, for domestic dogs, they no longer need this ability, but it’s not like they can turn it off. 

Loud noises like fireworks, thunderstorms, and even the occasional vacuum cleaner can scare your dog intensely. When the noise is present, you might see your dog cowering, trembling, or even whining.  

To help pets through these situations, try CBD treats which have been shown to calm their anxiety.  Instead of your pet whining excessively, they may just have a chance to relax next to their favorite human, feeling safe and protected.  

4. Stress-Relief for Your Pup When You’re Away 

Stress is not only felt by humans but by your furry babies too. Sometimes when you leave, animals become stressed that they can’t be with you. 

As a result, your dog may act out by barking excessively, damaging your belongings, or having accidents in the house even when they know it’s bad behavior. Now, these behaviors can get frustrating as a dog owner, but they are your dog’s way of communicating that he or she is scared and stressed. 

Thankfully, CBD treats can help your dog relax. CBD may make it easier for your dog to feel comfortable when you’re not around. If you’ve installed a pet camera, you’ll likely see a dramatic change in your furry friend. Instead of pacing intently and barking, pets can often settle and play with his or her favorite toy. That means less damage and stress for everyone!

CBD could save you from purchasing a new rug or having to clean up when you get home! How great is that? 

5. CBD Helps With A Dog’s Physical Mobility 

Activity is essential to a healthy life; whether it’s a simple walk from the dog bed to the water bowl or chasing a ball for hours, physical activity is needed. So when dogs get older, they often experience stiffness in their joints as well as aching muscles. While this aging process is normal, it’s important to help them maintain physical activity while feeling agile and comfortable. 

That’s where CBD comes in. CBD has been shown to soothe sore muscles and joints. This can help dogs go through their daily routines without severe pain so they can play more frequently or will be up for taking more walks. 

CBD may give your senior dog the opportunity for a more happy and full life.

Purchase CBD Treats For Dogs Today 

Purchasing CBD for dogs may seem unusual, but it is a promising option in helping your pet have a healthy and happy life. After all, it's been shown to not only decrease pain but it soothes itchy and irritated skin. 

With the added benefits in some dogs of anxiety and stress relief, your furry friend could find the help necessary to enjoy life instead of living in fear daily.  

If you’d like to purchase CBD treats for dogs, shop at our store today. We look forward to helping you!