Get answers to FAQs including medical marijuana card requirements, cost, qualifying conditions and more.

What are the requirements for a medical marijuana card?

A patient who is eligible for Oklahoma’s Medical Marijuana Program must be 18 years old, with valid proof of Oklahoma residency, valid proof of identity, a full-face color digital photo, and a licensed physician recommendation form. This form must be dated within 30 months of a patient applying to the state program. Visit the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) website for full details.

What are the qualifying conditions?

Unlike most of the medical marijuana programs across the country, the Oklahoma program does not have a list of qualifying conditions. Doctors are allowed to recommend patients if they think medical marijuana is a good treatment option. Therefore, you can receive a recommendation for any condition they believe is a fit for a medicinal cannabis treatment.

Will my insurance cover cannabis?


How long does the application process take?

A patient must submit an application on the OMMA website, and if all of the information is completed correctly, a medical card will be mailed within 2–4 weeks of submission.

How much is the medical marijuana card?

The cost for the physical medical cannabis license from the state is $100 and it lasts for two years. The cost for the medical certification varies from doctor to doctor.

Is there a reduced cost medical marijuana card?

If you have proof of Medicaid (SoonerCare) or Medicare enrollment, there is a reduced fee of $20.