Gain the knowledge and support to open your cannabis dispensary while avoiding costly mistakes.

Denise and Christopher Mink doing inventory at Med Pharm OK Dispensary.

I know the hidden challenges to opening a cannabis dispensary.
More importantly, I know how to navigate them.

Oklahoma is one of the most competitive cannabis markets in the United States with more dispensary business licenses than the entire west coast. Despite this heavy competition, I grew my dispensary into a thriving business within my first year with revenue four times the daily average of a typical dispensary in Oklahoma.

With a little business acumen and lots of research, anyone can start their cannabis business journey. But this isn’t business as usual. From banking to training you need the extra knowledge and support to protect your investment and avoid costly mistakes.

Learn from someone who has walked the path, overcome the challenges and can answer the questions you didn’t even know to search for.

Gain the competitive advantage to open a successful dispensary.

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